Creative Coaching.

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Express Your Creativity Freely Through…


See yourself and your situation clearer than ever before.


Forge bold paths forward, and build plans that you’re truly excited about.


Equip yourself to handle anything life throws at you, and take consistent action

Creative Coaching.

  • UK Based & Highly Experienced
  • 1 to 1 or Small Groups
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  • Free Introductory Session

*Face to Face Sessions incur additional costs. Please contact me for more information.

We’ll Identify Your Challenges Clearly.

Focusing on…


Overcome mindset challenges and make space for life to happen.



Build the capacity and capability to navigate practical challenges.


We’ll Get You Focused on the Facts.

So You Can Spend Less Time Thinking, and More Time Living.

Form Plans That Motivate and Fit You.

So You Know What Direction You’re Heading In, and You’re Actually Curious About The Journey.

Get You Taking Consistent Action.

So You Can Make Consistent Progress.

Can Coaching Help You?

It isn’t for everyone…
Some people prefer to go it alone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Others are not ready for change, or not ready to invest in themselves. There’s nothing wrong with these things either.

However, if you don’t fall into these categories…
It doesn’t matter whether you’re facing a mindset issue, practical challenge or simply needing someone to talk to – you’re in the right place.

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Success Stories…

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“I was finding it hard to adapt to working for a big company. The work was fine, but dealing with people’s perceptions of me and office politics were driving over the edge. Dhiresh helped me see my part and take responsibility. I’ll never forget our sessions, they’ve influenced so much more since.”

– L

“He’s a top man. Tough and direct, but his sessions are enjoyable and funny at times too. Still go back on occasion when I need guidance.”

– J

“I was new to the working world, and was following what I thought I had to do. I wasn’t happy and things weren’t getting better.

Dhiresh had some strong words for me, words I needed to hear. I was scared, but decided I needed to quit my job and look for something new. It didn’t take long before I found something that suited my interests better. 

I couldn’t have talked to my parents or my friends, they didn’t understand. Coaching with Dhiresh was great because it was about what I needed, not anyone else. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs support to change for the better.”

– L

“After returning to work from maternity leave, I found it growingly difficult to adjust to back to working life.  Returning to reduced hours, but holding similar expectations of myself, I became more and more frustrated in my attempts to understand where I fit in. A friend recommended I contact Dhiresh, so I did. He helped me see my situation for what it really was, and helped me set goals that were in alignment with that. I can’t say that I’m living the dream yet, but I’ve found my happy place again.”

– J

Hi, I’m Dhiresh.

I Help People Make Progress Through 1 to 1 Coaching.

Everyone’s situation and story is different, so I’d like to hear yours. If I can help I’ll explain how. If I can’t, I’ll point you in the right direction. How does that sound?

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