Feedback from Current and Former Clients.

“He’s a top man. Tough and direct, but his sessions are enjoyable and funny at times too. Still go back on occasion when I need guidance.”

– J

“I was finding it hard to commit to one idea or project. Every time I thought I had clarity, something else would pop up. I was lost, and self help just wasn’t working anymore.

Dhiresh had been recommended by a friend a few times, but at the time I wasn’t ready to listen. I banged my head against the wall for another year or so, until I had nothing to lose. The silly part was that it only took an hour chat with him to realise that real change was possible.

I now speak to him regularly. There are weeks when I don’t like him for calling me out on my tangents, but I can’t deny the results. My business is flourishing, and I feel content.

I understand why he doesn’t, but I wish he’d write a book. I’d read it.

Give his coaching a try, you won’t regret it.”

– C

“I was new to the working world, and was following what I thought I had to do. I wasn’t happy and things weren’t getting better.

Dhiresh had some strong words for me, words I needed to hear. I was scared, but decided I needed to quit my job and look for something new. It didn’t take long before I found something that suited my interests better. 

I couldn’t have talked to my parents or my friends, they didn’t understand. Coaching with Dhiresh was great because it was about what I needed, not anyone else. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs support to change for the better.”

– L

“There is something inherently good about him, I can’t explain it, but I’m so glad I met him. He helped me see my faults more kindly, and things have just got better and better. Thank you so much Dhiresh.”

– C

“I’m in my Fifties, and I won’t lie, I was and probably still am sceptical of most forms of Life Coaching.

Through a chance encounter at an event, however, I met Dhiresh and began to talk generally about his work. He had previously worked on similar corporate projects to that which I was accountable for, so I became curious. I had been facing some work challenges myself, so I gave him a call and we met for a chat.

Whilst my scepticism remained about coaching, I very quickly realised this guy had value to add. The short story is, I’ve now been working with him on a weekly basis for 2 years. His input both from a personal and business perspective is priceless.

I can’t say that I’ve transcended myself or anything, but I’m a hell of a lot less stressed. For that alone, I’m very grateful to him.”

– A

“I turned up to work each day, put in the hours and did a good job. It didn’t go unnoticed, but it didn’t lead to career progression either.

I thought others were to blame. Their demands were too high, and their expectations were for me to be a different person… So I opted out.

There are only so many people you can watch progress past you before something gives though…

Fortunately for me, on this occasion tipping point wasn’t quitting my job or brushing things under the carpet, it was getting a reality check from a trustworthy and experienced person.

I got this in the form of coaching from Dhiresh. Within a few sessions, we uncovered my limiting beliefs and shifted my focus to the raw facts. I didn’t progress at work because I was scared I wasn’t good enough. I covered that up well by finding ways to blame others, but the truth was it was on me. As soon as I accepted this I felt strangely relieved. Coaching then turned to the practical matters, and I soon had actionable tasks to turn things around.

Flash forward 6 months, I was promoted, and after a few successful projects, I moved onto an exciting new project at a new company.

I continue to get coaching from Dhiresh on an ad-hoc basis, just to check on myself and make sure I’m where I want to be. Coaching now focuses more on my personal life, now that I have so much energy freed up from obsessing about work!

If you’re stuck, overwhelmed or lost, book an appointment with Dhiresh. He provides the space, attention and experience needed to get you back on track.”

– D

“My relationship had just fallen apart, I was back living with my parents, and I felt worthless.

Going into the first session I had with Dhiresh, I thought I was there to pick myself up. He very quickly held me to account, as I was really feeling sorry for myself and wanting sympathy.

I won’t go into the details, but within a few months, my view of myself, of others and of relationships has COMPLETELY changed – for the better.

He is empathetic, kind and clear, but he does not entertain romanticism, or wishful thinking. I’m now rooted back in the facts, and that’s proved to be so much more rewarding.”

– A

“I was messing about with my life. No plans, stupid decisions and nothing to show for myself. After a few close calls I realised I needed direction, so I just googled coaching and mentoring.

I booked a consultation with Dhiresh and the rest is history. Through coaching I realised that my actions have consequences, and that people do need me to play my part. Doing the right thing is a lot easier now.

– B

“My career was going great, and I had nice things, and a house. When it came to relationships though, I was struggling.

Dhiresh helped me re-frame my view of relationships and helped me finally enjoy the process of dating.

The pressure has gone, and I seem to be attracting nicer people into my life now.”

– A

“I was finding it hard to adapt to working for a big company. The work was fine, but dealing with people’s perceptions of me and office politics were driving over the edge. Dhiresh helped me see my part and take responsibility. I’ll never forget our sessions, they’ve influenced so much more since.”

– L

“After returning to work from maternity leave, I found it growingly difficult to adjust to back to working life.  Returning to reduced hours, but holding similar expectations of myself, I became more and more frustrated in my attempts to understand where I fit in. A friend recommended I contact Dhiresh, so I did. He helped me see my situation for what it really was, and helped me set goals that were in alignment with that. I can’t say that I’m living the dream yet, but I’ve found my happy place again.”

– J

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